Your responsibilities

Your responsibilities
As an Accord tenant, there are certain things that you are responsible for when it come to the upkeep of your home.

Below is a list of your responsibilities. We have included links to handy how-to videos where appropriate. Please contact us if there is anything you need to discuss regarding home maintenance.

Your responsibilities as as Accord tenant:

If you choose to decorate, do so to a reasonable standard.

Maintain and repair any fixtures you put in, and repair any fixtures you have damaged.

Prevent and control condensation.

Prevent pipes from freezing or bursting in cold weather.

Locate and check your stop tap.

Replace lost keys.

Replace any smashed or cracked glass.

Renew garage door pulls.

Use draught excluders if necessary.

Fix or repair broken door bells.

Clean smoke detectors and test them regularly.

Fit curtain rails or window blinds.

Fit a shower curtain.

Replace lightbulbs and fluorescent tubes.

Reset trip switches.

Keep rain water gully grids clear.

Clean extractor fan vents.

Fit waste pipes to washing machines and vents to tumble dryers.

Clear blocked sinks, baths and toilets.

Repair or replace broken or loose toilet seats.

Replace sink / bath plugs and their chains.

Reattach light pull cords.

Replace cracked or broken wall tiles.

Replace broken clothes lines and posts (including rotary driers).

Repair minor problems with fences.

Maintain garden paths.

Look after TV aerials (unless shared with other homes).

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