Financial and benefits advice

Financial and benefits advice
Need some financial advice, or support with benefits? We can help.

Our Money Advisers are benefit system experts, as the case study below shows. If you need help, then contact us.

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Mr & Mrs Smith* had their benefits capped at £20,000/year. Their housing benefit was reduced to 50p/week and Mr Smith had a back injury so his mobility was poor. Mrs Smith was also paying for her prescriptions. One of Accord’s Money Advisers made applications to Watersure on the Smith’s behalf and applied for a warm home bonus to assist them in the short term. The adviser also spoke to ESA to ensure that the Smiths were on Income-based ESA, and obtained a letter from the DWP giving both names so that Mrs Smith did not have to pay for prescriptions any more. A refund was granted of their charges which had accumulated to nearly £300. Our adviser also applied for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and completed the application for them. This was granted at the daily rate of living and mobility, which increased their income with an additional £76.90. The Smiths also had their housing benefit paid at the full amount, and they received a back payment of over £1,500. The family admit that they had no idea about the benefit system because they had always been in work.

*Names have been changed to protect identities.

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