Electrical Repairs

How to replace light bulbs, fluorescent tubing internally and externally?


How to reset trip switch?

Turn off all the lights and unplug everything in the affected room or rooms.

Take a flashlight and open the circuit breaker panel so you can see the circuit breakers. Each breaker has three positions: on, off, and a centre position.

Look for the circuit breaker with the switch in the centre position.

Flip the switch to off, and then flip it to on.

Wait a moment to see if the switch stays in the on position. If it does, the circuit breaker is reset and power is restored to the room. If the switch doesn't stay in the on position, it indicates a serious wiring problem if so contact CHAZ Bot.

Or alternatively click on link below to watch a video on how to reset trip switch


How to reattach/ replace light pull chord?

Please see link below to find out how to replace or repair light pull chords.


How to fit/ repair doorbells?

Please see link below to find out how to replace/ repair doorbells.


How to test, clean and replace batteries in a smoke alarm?

Please see link below to find out how to replace batteries in smoke alarm


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