Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) for Care and Supported Customers

Visiting in our care & support schemes

While lockdown restrictions are easing in many parts of the country, we must still continue to take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protect our customers as much as possible.

The last few months have been incredibly challenging for everyone, making it very difficult to spend as much time as we would like with loved ones. While we’re really keen to make it as easy as possible to see and speak to loved ones living in our care and support schemes, it is a really fine balance between enabling these much needed, precious visits, and keeping our customers, their friends and loved ones, and our staff as safe as possible from the effects of Covid-19.

At Accord we will continue to follow the latest government advice and guidance, including social distancing, and have now re-introduced the following options for visiting.

However, it’s really important to remember that guidance can change at very short notice and can also vary depending on individual towns and cities, so please do check with the Manager of the individual scheme for the latest visiting guidance, as the following may not apply to all schemes at all times.

Managers are undertaking regular risk assessments to ensure that our visiting access reflects the current situation in the local area/home.

Residential care homes:

  • For outdoor visits – a maximum of two visitors at a time. Appointments must be made ahead of any visit - please speak to the home’s Manager to find out what is available and the processes required to be followed, so as to maintain everyone’s safety and wellbeing. We’re sorry, but children aged less than 13 years are still unable to visit at this time in person, given their heightened risk of transmission of the virus. 

In addition to the above we continue to offer visits through windows & drive through visits.

  • For indoor visits – we are currently limiting the numbers of visitors to a single constant visitor per customer, wherever possible. This, in line with government’s visitor guidance, means the same family member visiting each time to limit the number of different individuals coming into contact. This decision has been taken in order to limit the overall number of visitors to the care home and the consequent risk of infection. Please contact our care home managers should you require further details.
  • Don’t forget – you can continue to stay in contact via telephone calls, WhatsApp, Facebook , letters and emails. Please let our Managers know your preferred method for us keeping in touch with you too please.
  • For those receiving care at the end of life, we will continue to focus on supporting compassionate visiting arrangements. Wherever possible significant others (determined by the customer) will be supported to have the opportunity to visit at the end of life. Our Managers will discuss appropriate arrangements with you and important information on their local processes for ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of you, our customers and our staff team. With this in mind, we ask that the number of visitors should be limited to one or two persons at a time. Again, we are sorry, but children under the age of 13 years are not able to visit in person. We will work with you to support your visit; this can include bedside vigils - subject to a visitors risk assessment outcome.

For visits to our supported living services: 

Some of Accord’s care and support services operate in buildings owned by other landlords, in these circumstances we must follow their visiting arrangements. Please speak to the individual scheme Manager to find out what these are.

Supported Housing, Shared housing & Extra Care Housing:

Where customers have their own tenancies (such as extra care housing) we accept that they have control over rights of access to their own property. In these circumstances, as a visitor, we ask that you adhere to the government guidance on group meetings and social bubbles.

We advise:

  • Visitors with COVID-19 symptoms may not visit
  • Visitors who’ve had contact with individuals with COVID-19 may not visit
  • Visitors who are quarantining following return from specified countries may not visit

If visits take place in outdoor spaces, wherever possible, visitors should not access communal gardens by passing through shared buildings.

If there is not a communal garden area, we ask you to visit the person in their own room / accommodation and adhere to hand hygiene protocols of washing your hands for at least 20 seconds on entering and leaving the accommodation.

We greatly appreciate visitors taking sensible precautions, such as covering their mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing (followed by handwashing) or crook of the arm (not the hand) if no tissues are available. Dispose of tissues into a disposable rubbish bag and immediately wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser.

Social distancing: 

Accord has taken the decision to continue to allow only 2 visitors per customer within supported living services.  This reflects the size and complexity of our services and the need to balance the rights of all parties and minimise infection risk. It is very important that everyone observes this protocol.

In shared accommodation visitors should avoid or minimise contact of 15 minutes or more with any staff or other customer - any discussion with staff will need to be undertaken via phone

Face coverings & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Visitors will be required to wear a face covering when visiting, unless a specific risk assessment indicates that visors can be used as an alternative (usually where an individual has specific communication needs).

You will be advised to wash hands thoroughly (or use hand sanitiser) before and after putting it on and taking it off. (A face covering is not a medical/surgical mask).

Visitors will be required to wear PPE appropriate to the need of their visit, i.e if a visitor is making close personal contact with the person whom they are visiting  they may need to wear PPE which goes beyond a face covering, our Managers will be happy to discuss this with you in more detail subject to the type of visit.

All visits remain subject to Accord’s visiting arrangements

We are closely monitoring government and Public Health England guidance so further updates may be made to current visiting arrangements as the risk posed by coronavirus continues to change. We will post regular updates and information on this web page and our social media channels.

Questions regarding Covid-19 arrangements

If you have a question about Covid-19 visiting arrangements please do not hesitate to contact the Manager of the service.  

We continue to welcome visitors into our homes and services, and we thank you for your continued support.

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