Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) for Care and Supported Customers

As part of our continued actions to protect our customers and residents from the spread of the Coronavirus, Accord continues to follow government advice regarding social distancing, and visitors to our care homes and supported schemes.

While we still cannot allow visitors into, or through, our care homes and schemes, we can now facilitate planned external visits so you can spend time with your friends and family members

All visits must follow the latest government guidance, this means not being inside schemes, and maintaining 2 metre social distance. It means lots of smiles and conversation, but still no hugs.

You can now arrange:

Visits through windows - Drive through visits - Gathering in gardens

The type of visits will vary depending on specific properties, so please speak to scheme manager to find out what is available.

To help make sure we keep your loved ones, and you, as safe as possible there are still rules and restrictions in place. These include:

  • You must book a time for your visit in advance. Where possible we’ll be happy to book recurring slots, providing we’re still able ensure fair access to visits for all our customers.
  • We’ll talk you through the processes you will need to observe during your visit.
  • Visits can be for up to 30 minutes. There will be a 15 minute break between each visit, this enables sufficient time between people to safely arrive and depart and allow our staff to undertake cleaning.
  • Maximum of 2 visitors are allowed per customer at a time.
  • We’re sorry, but children aged under 13yrs are not allowed to visit just yet.
  • You must not visit if you are showing any symptoms of coronavirus (a new continuous cough, a high temperature or loss of smell and taste).
  • Please minimise the number of personal belongings you bring e.g. bags, handbags etc, to help us manage infection prevention.
  • If you use your phone to take photographs of the visit or video call other family members, please do not allow your relative to hold the phone.
  • Visits are limited to external grounds.
  • We are sorry, but you still cannot bring gifts, other than toiletries which must be given to a member of staff and cleaned down, before being taken to your family member’s accommodation.
  • We do not need you to wear face coverings or gloves, but you can choose to do so if you prefer.
  • On arrival you will be met at your agreed meeting point by a staff member.
  • You will be unable to use our toilet facilities during your visit.
  • The safety of your loved ones remains our absolute highest priority, if circumstances in your home or scheme change and we have to make a decision to suspend or restrict visits we will give you as much notice as possible – please remember we would only do this to help keep you and your loved ones safe

You will no doubt have heard PPE referred to many times on the news over the last few months. PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. People working in care settings use PPE when working with customers, it includes things like gloves, aprons etc.

Following guidance from Public Health England our staff caring for customers in residential care and home care settings are required to use PPE when carrying out more of their daily tasks. This will include wearing face masks more often when providing day to day care to our customers.

Please be assured, the safety of our staff and customers remains our highest priority and Accord will continue to follow all government and Public Health England guidance.

People who are at a higher risk of illness will have received a letter from the NHS. If you have received one of these letters, please let us know. If you are living in one of our care or supported schemes please tell your scheme manager.

Our staff need to know about this so that they can continue to provide you with the best care and support possible.

All of our staff are practicing good infection protection protocols and following social distancing advice but we need to know if you are at a higher risk so that we can put appropriate plans in place and adapt our procedures, where necessary, to support you.

We are closely monitoring government and Public Health England guidance and will put regular updates and information on this web page and on our social media channels - please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date:

Facebook – @accordgroup

Twitter - @theaccordgroup

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For the latest advice from the government, please go to their website:

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