Friday 5 March 2021: Updated repair service provision

To ensure we keep our customers and colleagues as safe as possible, we will continue to carry out emergency repairs only. This means that all routine repairs remain on hold. We are really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we hope you will understand, and agree, that the health and safety of you and our teams must be our highest priority.

Emergency repairs will be delivered as usual.

Accord’s definition of an emergency is a situation where immediate action is required to prevent serious risk to health and safety or major damage to the structure of your home.

New routine repairs

You can still report these repairs and we encourage you to do so via email to Customer First. Please try and avoid calling us to report a routine repair as we are experiencing a high volume of calls.

Routine repairs will continue to be placed on hold due to the current lockdown situation however we are now working on a plan on how we can best deliver the backlog of repairs. We will publish an update on 31st March 2021 to keep you informed of any changes to our service provision.

Repairs already reported

If you have reported any routine repairs prior to 5th March 2021, we will be in touch when we can attend to this repair. We will have a conversation with you about your appointment and appreciate your co-operation in giving us access when we are able to attend. Please do your best to keep the appointment as rearranging it may bring further delays for you

Our priority is to keep you and our operatives safe, therefore we aim to minimise the number of visits to your home, and limit the number of operatives in your home at this time. To assist us in this, we will prioritise external works. 

Please do not contact to us to chase any routine repairs - we need to ensure our teams can respond to customers with emergency situations. We will be in touch with you regarding routine repairs as soon as we are able.

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