Our teams are busy working through the backlog of routine repairs and maintenance. If you are still waiting on a repair, please be assured we are making good progress and will be in touch as soon as possible. We ask that you please only report emergency repairs or other emergency issues at this time. 

The table below shows you the timescales we are working to. Please be assured that our team will be in touch as soon as we are able to arrange appointments for any repairs currently outstanding – it would be appreciated if customers would avoid calling for updates as this will  allow the teams to focus on the planning required, which in turn will allow us to move back to the usual 28 day routine repair timeframe as soon as possible.

Routine repair type Timescale
Plumbing and electrical

For all new repairs which have been reported from 1st June onwards, these will be prioritised in date order and urgency. We will contact you to arrange an appointment by 30th September.


We have a large quantity of carpentry jobs, including door replacements and glazing.  We will be in touch with all customers by 30th September to arrange appointments.

Fencing (including gates)

Fencing work began in July and we have made over 150 appointments so far, up to September.  We will be in touch to arrange future appointments. Please be aware that due to the large number of fencing repairs it will take us up to 6 months to complete all outstanding jobs.


Currently on hold due to social distancing - updates to follow.

Roofing, plastering, brickwork

Work will be completed by external contractors. We are currently tendering for roofing companies and should have them in place by September. Further updates will be posted as soon as we have the contractors in place.

If we need to enter your home, our operatives will follow all the latest government advice and guidance and will maintain a safe distance. We are continuing to carry out annual gas servicing, so our operatives will need to arrange access to homes when these are due.

If you have any symptoms associated with the Coronavirus, it is important that you let us know, so that alternative arrangements can be made. Please contact your Housing Officer or call 0300 111 7000. 

We do reserve the right not to enter a property if it is felt there is a risk.

Thank you for your continued support at this time.

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