Pathways 4 Life

A partnership organisation between Accord and Age UK Walsall providing support services for people living with dementia and their carers.

Pathways 4 Life

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Pathways 4 Life provide a range of support services for people living with dementia and their carers, funded by Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group. Pathways 4 Life deliver a range of information, advice and support services to include seven dementia cafes on a monthly basis across the Walsall borough offering people with dementia and their families, the opportunity to meet, share experiences and access a range of support services.

Dementia Cafés

Dementia Cafés provide an opportunity for people living with dementia and their carers to come together in a safe environment to meet with people who are experiencing the same thing. Each café provides information via a guest speaker and a social activity with refreshments. In addition, attendees have access to a café coordinator who can provide information, signposting and advice. There are seven cafés per month held at various community venues in addition to a weekly café at the Manor Hospital. For more information email our Dementia Café Co-ordinator or call 07793699141.

Dementia Support Worker- Hard-to-Reach Groups

Our Dementia Support Worker for hard to reach groups works with a variety of communities within Walsall to support people accessing information, services, signposting, memory screening and advice. This includes traveller communities, people with learning disabilities and people from BME communities and also includes other individuals and communities who have difficulties in accessing mainstream services via traditional routes.This service also provides community awareness raising and access to information and literature in a number of languages and formats. For further information please email Sadat Hussain or call 07788385446.

Dementia Support Workers- Manor Hospital

Our team of dementia support workers work within the Manor Hospital to support people with dementia during their hospital stay. Support workers provide a range of services including help to access meals and refreshments, access to activities and engagement, support to reduce anxiety and distress, access to information and advice and planning for hospital discharge. For more information call our Dementia Support Workers on 07594 513609 or 07594 513607.

Dementia Support Worker - Care Improvement and End-of-Life

The Dementia Support Worker for Care Homes and End-of-Life is provided in collaboration with St Giles Hospice. The aim of the service is to equip care home teams with the skills needed to provide effective end of life care, enabling people living with dementia to remain in their homes as their needs change. The team work alongside carers to develop systems and skills around advance care planning, decision making, discussing end of life, developing life story and meaningful activities.To find out more please contact Emily Pardoe-Billings  or  Pat Roberts on 07788385447

Download a case study about our work.

Personal Assistants- Dementia (PAD’s)

The Personal Assistants - Dementia (PADs) team provide support for people who are newly diagnosed with dementia as well as their family members/carers. The PAD’s work alongside people for up to 12 weeks, providing access to information and services that will support the person with dementia to understand their diagnosis, feel supported and remain part of their community. The PAD’s will also work alongside carers and family members to ensure that they are supported to continue on in their caring role. For further information email the PADs.

Dementia Friendly Communities

Pathways 4 Life strives to make Walsall a Dementia Friendly Community. We follow a national initiative by providing educational development sessions to businesses/organisations across Walsall. The initiative aims to make Walsall a Dementia Friendly place to live, ensuring that people with dementia and their family/carers can continue to access a range of service such as supermarkets, banks, coffee shops and transport providers with the confidence that they understand dementia and will adapt their approach to make services more accessible. Pathways 4 Life facilitates all development sessions which combine awareness raising, environmental assessments and mystery shopping. Organisations who complete the programme will display the “Dementia Friendly” Kite Mark in their premises. For more information Pat Roberts or call 07788385447

Mind Matters

Our Mind Matters Café provides opportunities for older people with mental health conditions such as depression to come together in a safe environment. The café provides a great opportunity to meet others and share experiences. Guest speakers and social activities are also provided at each café. To find out more email us or call 07793699141.