Young People's Services

Young People's Services

Wolverhampton Young People’s Supported Accommodation and Outreach Service

Accord has a range of quality support and accommodation services.

One of our core services in is to enable young people, aged between 16 and 25 to build on their strengths and talents to lead successful, independent lives. We provide young people with access to supported accommodation and our outreach service.

We provide a holistic, person-centred service. Our Support Workers will work alongside you to support you to achieve your goals. Our support will focus on three key areas:

Accommodation Giving you all the information you need in order to successfully manage your tenancy, and providing you with safe accommodation with access to staff when you need it. We also provide an outreach service if you don't need accommodation.

Independence Helping you with budgeting, paying bills and navigating the benefits and housing system so you all have all the knowledge you need when it comes to moving-on from our accommodation.

Employment and Education Where do you want to go in life? We'll encourage you to think big, and start small by supporting you with your education, training or work.

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