Welcome to your Summer Edition of Our House.

As the weather warms up and we are now in the full swing of summer it’s a great opportunity to enjoy being outside. If you live in the Birmingham area and have children or teenagers, take a look at our Happy Healthy Holidays article – during the school holidays there are hundreds of free activities taking place in Birmingham providing free food and activity sessions for children and teens.

If you are a bchs or rch tenant, make sure you check out the Away Day article, to find out about the summer trip to Weston-Super-Mare taking place in early August.

Earlier this summer, we held a garden party at our Moseley office to celebrate bchs Accord’s 40th anniversary. This was a great event and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this successful partnership with our co-operative tenants.  

If you are planning some parties this summer, please do be considerate to your neighbours, and if you are experiencing any problems with this we have some advice in our Considerate Neighbours article about how to address this.  

We hope you enjoy reading this edition of Our House – simply click on the articles below that interest you to read the full stories.

If you have any suggestions for future articles that you would like to see included please let us know by emailing editorial.team@accordgroup.org.uk