Rent changes

For the last four years Accord has been reducing rents, although some customers will have had service charge increases during this period. The government rules around rent increases however change from April 2020 and most of you will see your rent increasing from either the 1st April 2020 (if you have a monthly assured tenancy) or from Monday 6th April 2020 for weekly assured tenancies.

We want to ensure that customers do not fall into debt as a result of rent increases, and that we continue to provide help and support around financial matters where this is needed. If you think you would benefit from some money advice, check out the help available on the attached link:

If you are currently in receipt of Housing Benefit, Universal Credit or any other benefit, or if you think you might be eligible, then the benefit calculator on the link below can work out your potential entitlement.

We have money advice staff who can also help out with face-to-face questions. Speak to your Community Housing Officer if you want to make an appointment.

You will receive full information on the changes to your rent by no later than Friday 28th February 2020, to give you a full calendar month's notice of the increases. This will allow you time to make any changes you need to your payment arrangements.