Outsourcing Debt Collection

Every year hundreds of tenants leave a debt with us when they move out of their home. Sometimes this is due to an eviction, but more often than not the customer simply abandons their tenancy and leaves arrears. Accord aims to agree a re-payment plan with the outgoing tenant but if this is not possible, or an ex-customer stops making payments then Accord is now outsourcing the collection of this debt to a private debt collection agency who trace and personally visit all debtors. All interactions between these agents and the debtors are filmed for security purposes.

Any debt owed by an ex-customer – whether it is for rent arrears, court costs, rechargeable repairs or damage / rubbish left in an empty property will be sent onto the debt collection agency unless a repayment plan is agreed and adhered to.

Accord always aims to support customers who struggle financially and we would much prefer that you come and talk to us if you are finding it difficult paying your rent or other charges - don’t walk away from your home and your debt – ask for help!