Property Inspections and Recharges

Accord wants to keep your home and estate safe, in repair and free from hazards. To help us do this we are starting a campaign of property and locality inspections which will be planned and notified to you in advance. In addition however, any time an Accord member of staff visits your home for whatever reason, we may ask you to show us around the whole of your property and garden, please don’t be offended!

We are seeing an increasing number of tenants who are neglecting their home and in some cases also causing vast amounts of deliberate damage to their property. This costs Accord a significant amount of money - money we cannot spend on repairs for other tenants – and so we are keen to improve the situation for all of our customers. Where tenants are genuinely struggling with maintaining their property we can signpost them for support, but for other tenants who are causing damage, wilful neglect or who leave our homes in extremely poor condition, we will be seeking to set up a recharge for the cost incurred. This will also cover rubbish removal costs for rubbish left in homes and gardens or dumped in communal areas.

There are also a number of items which tenants are responsible for. These include:

  • Painting and decorating the interior of your home
  • Repairing any damage caused by you, your pets or anyone visiting your home
  • Changing locks because you have lost the key
  • Keeping the garden and exterior area around your home tidy
  • Unblocking sinks and drainage pipes caused by inappropriate waste
  • Contacting pest control

If we carry out these or any item which is not Accord’s responsibility you will be recharged for the work.