Would you like help to improve your confidence and manage your money better online?

Over the past few months so much more of our day to day activities have been online. Online shopping, online banking, video calls to friends and family. Sometimes it can seem a bit scary and difficult to know what to do. If you’d like help using online systems we can help.

Click Start was launched in 2017 to help tenants and customers who are not in work or who are unemployed. We can help you understand changes to welfare, like Universal Credit, and also help you to access employment, training and volunteering opportunities.

Our Click Start coaches can help you to:

  • Apply for benefits online
  • Use comparison websites to get better deals
  • Apply for jobs and volunteering opportunities online
  • Understand online banking
  • Manage your tenancy online, saving time
  • Plan a household budget
  • Create an email account
  • Talk to friends and family using email and social media safely
  • Stream TV and movies

If you are not working or are unemployed and would like some support, please get in touch. You can email clickstart@accordgroup.org.uk or call Jane Hale on 07876 034551 or Manisha Rainey on 07427 280467.