Get involved – help shape your community

If you want to help make a positive difference to where you live, please get involved.

You can help us to improve the performance of our services through feedback, scrutiny and partnership working.

We know that while some people like attending meetings and working as a group, others prefer to influence from afar. If you would like to help shape and influence the community where you live there are lots of ways you can get involved, take a look below and see if you could be an armchair auditor, or a member of a resident group.

We are looking for more customers to join our groups:

Community Champions

Could you be an armchair auditor?

If you would like to give us feedback on community services, without having to attend meetings, this could be perfect for you. We need individuals to let us know about local issues and frontline services. We have a simple form that you can use to let us know your opinions on things such as parking, garden maintenance and cleaning. We value your feedback, whether you choose to tell us every week or just once a year, is it completely up to you.

Resident Groups

Small groups of tenants get together to consider and discuss areas that are affecting their communities, or look at ways to improve their neighbourhood. Resident groups have worked together to tackle local environmental issues such as litter and graffiti. Others have worked together to plant flowers in their communities and taken part in urban in bloom competitions.

Complaints Panel

Our complaints panel plays an important role in our complaints process. After we have completed our internal landlord’s complaint procedure, the panel considers the complaint and our decision, and acts as an auditor, to monitor and help ensure Accord’s complaint process is followed correctly.

Scrutiny Panel

Resident led scrutiny allows you, as residents, to influence and help us to continuously improve our services to you. The scrutiny panels play a formal role in influencing Accord’s performance and our service delivery. If you are interested in joining a scrutiny panel, training, advice and support will be provided to you.

If you are interested in any of these groups or roles, we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to be more involved and have your say about local issues, or aspects affecting your community, but don’t like the sound of these particular roles, do still get in touch – we would be very happy to discuss other ways you could get involved.

For more information about engagement opportunities please contact Peter Helly – 0121 442 5030 or email


Our customer panel works with the magazine editor to offer story ideas, proof-read drafts and suggest improvements. If you would like to get involved in Our House fill out the form.