Consider your neighbours if you are planning a party this summer

Summer can be a great opportunity to enjoy time with friends and family. If you are planning any parties or BBQs this summer please remember to be considerate to neighbours, particularly if you are playing music or your guests are parking additional cars in the streets. If you are planning a party that might affect others in your street, do let them know in advance that there may be additional people and cars around and let them know to knock your door if there’s a problem.

We believe that preventing a problem is better than dealing with it after it arises.

Getting on with your neighbours is a great way to make your community a happy place to live, but sometimes it’s difficult if others are inconsiderate, or their behaviour is deemed inappropriate.

Before you report a neighbour’s behaviour, there are some things you can do to help.

  • Most people don’t realise how their actions can affect others. If you feel you can, try discussing things in a calm and reasonable way; you may be able to resolve your issues.
  • If your neighbours are noisy, you can politely and calmly ask them to keep the noise down, explaining how their behaviour is impacting on you.
  • If noise nuisance persists, you can contact the Environmental Health Officer at your local council, as well as letting us know.
  • Do not retaliate - this could result in complaints being made against you, and the matter escalating to further issues.
  • Gather evidence - keep a record of all incidents of anti-social behaviour, including dates, times, names of those involved and what happened.
  • Report criminal activity to the local police.

If you feel a neighbour is acting unreasonably and you cannot talk to them, please let us know by contacting your community Housing Officer and calling the Customer First centre on 0300 111 7000. You can also report anti-social behaviour via Accord’s website.


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