Promotional films

Promotional films

End of year 2018 wrap up

The End of Year 2018 wrap up film highlights the successes we have achieved during the year, whilst further focusing on the up and coming challenges in the new year ahead.

LoCal Homes - New factory

The LoCal Homes promotional film takes a look at our new and improved factory, helping us to deliver high quality housing and local jobs on a larger scale.

Putting You in the Picture: People, Places and Innovation

Accord's new promotional film takes a look at our great people and places, and the excellent examples of innovation we are rolling out across the business. We want to put you in the picture.


LoCaL Homes

Accord's LoCaL Homes is a not-for-profit advanced housing manufacturer, offering high quality, high performance, low carbon housing solutions across the UK. Providing both traditional and closed panel timber-frame systems that deliver cost, time and quality certainty - watch this short film about the beautiful homes and communities we are creating.

Garden City Principles

Supporting the Black Country Garden City shows how 'Garden City' principles can help support ambitious plans for creating a vibrant and vital Black Country.

We are the Builders

We are the Builders charts how Accord builds low-cost, energy efficient homes but also builds so much more – communities, opportunities, friendships. Be inspired at the reach Accord has across so many communities. The film focuses on but a few of the great areas of work we are all involved in.

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